Leveraging its strengths in air cargo ground handling, SAL is deploying its sector expertise, deep market experience and relationships to extend its sophisticated logistics services in airports and beyond. The company will facilitate investment by building a broad network connecting the Kingdom’s airports, seaports and land transport hubs with industrial zones and major population centres.

SAL is maintaining an asset-light model, entering partnerships with major retailers, developers, courier, and transportation companies to roll out its fee-generating services.

The company’s priority is to widen the range of its airport offering, including on-ramp services, passenger aircraft cargo, baggage, and connectivity with bonded zones. Volumes are expected to increase as consumption continues and Saudi Arabia, as the region’s largest and most populous country, becomes the natural hub for trans-shipment to neighboring countries in the Middle East.

SAL will also step up its support for the rapid growth of e-commerce, by providing the high-speed, digitalized fulfillment centres demanded by large-scale retailers. The company will reinforce the national healthcare agenda by extending its specialty handling services for pharmaceuticals and vaccines beyond airport boundaries.