About Charter

SAL’s Charter provides logistic services at any KSA airport to any cargo Charter operation. It also serves all types of aircrafts and handles almost all types of products.


Aircraft Types

  • Any type of Freighter Aircraft with any size.
  • Any type of Passenger Aircraft (used to carry Cargo only) – Narrow and Wide Body Aircrafts.

Cargo shipment and products

  • General Cargo
  • Mail
  • Perishables (PER) all types.
  • Dangerous goods (DGR), all classes (except those forbidden as per local classifications)
  • Pharmaceuticals products (PIL).
  • Pharmaceuticals equipment and machinery (PIL)
  • Valuable Shipments (VAL)
  • Vulnerable Shipments (VUN)
  • Live animals (AVI)
  • Human remains (HUM)
  • Courier shipment (COU)
  • Shipment with temperature control required

for more information click on Landside Service and Airside Services.

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