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SAL is a leading logistics and supply chain solutions provider in Saudi Arabia, which proudly handles 95% of Saudi cargo handling industry with a robust global logistics network. In the thriving Saudi cargo and logistics markets, aligned to Vision 2030, we see substantial growth opportunities. Our diverse client portfolio includes global airlines, freight forwarders, and Saudi ministries under long-term contracts. Committed to growth, we actively invest in cargo handling and logistics solutions. Our strategic roadmap includes growth avenues in the passenger handling and fulfillment spaces. Our stellar financial track record demonstrates consistent growth and market-leading profitability. Guided by an experienced management team, we uphold a robust sustainability approach. Our story embodies excellence, transformation, and inspiration.

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Fact Sheet

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Fact Sheet

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Financial Overview

Performance Highlights

Cargo Handling

  • Handled 721,722 tons of cargo in KSA.
  • Annual revenues reached SAR 1.22 billion, showcasing a 20.2% CAGR since 2020.
  • Cargo handling contributed to 87% of the revenue.

Logistics Solutions Expansion

  • Launched end-to-end logistics services, contributing 13% to total revenue in 2022.
  • Generated SAR 160.4 million in revenue with a global network and 7,000+ services.

Financial Strength

  • Achieved an impressive EBITDA of SAR 545 million in 2022, with a 45% EBITDA margin.

Investing in the Future

Investments and Future Outlook

  • Investing 1.5 billion SAR in the logistics infrastructure to upgrade operations.
  • Focused on technology-driven solutions to enhance capacity, reduce handling times, and efficiently handle specialized cargo.

Confidence in Future

  • Positioned to capitalize on the Saudi Vision 2030 Strategy and become a global logistics hub.
  • Investing in the great potential of future growth of air cargo market supporting local exports in the Kingdom.

Annual & Quarterly Financial Statements

Land Side Services Riyadh


Annual Statement

Land Side Services Riyadh


Annual Statement

Market Announcements

Market Announcements

Q3 Interim Financial Results Announcement

Q2 & Q3 Dividends Announcement

SAL Saudi Logistics Company announces the signing of a lease and renovation agreement of Cargo Terminal with Dammam Airports Company (DACO)

SAL Announces the Results of the Fiscal Year 2023

SAL Saudi Logistics Services Co. announces its Annual Financial results for the period ending on 2023-12-31

SAL Saudi Logistics Services Co. announces the board of director’s decision to distribute cash dividends for fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2023

Correction announcement from SAL Saudi Logistics Services Co. in regard to distribute cash dividends for fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2023

SAL Saudi Logistics announces the signing of a mutual agreement with Taiba Airports Operation Co. Ltd

SAL Saudi Logistics announces that it has conducted an Earnings Conference Call to discuss the annual financial results of the financial year 2023 with Investors and Financial Analysts.

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