2020 Achievements


SAL’s Ground Handling operations commence at the newly inaugurated Modal Cargo Village at KKIA in Riyadh. The new 67,000 sqm facility is equipped with 10 aircraft positions and 16 loading decks, providing SAL with 450,000 tons of annual operational capacity.


Dammam Station was inaugurated to offer 13,000 tons annual capacity with a total space of 37,800 sqm – SAL’s second main station since the launch of SAL facility at Cargo Village in Riyadh

60 horses were expertly handled according to global live animal transportation standards to compete in Saudi Cup 2020 – the world’s most valuable horse race as part of the Saudi Quality Life program to enhance life quality across KSA cities


SAL embarked on a 100-day Marathon from March to June to secure a seamless flow of healthcare and life essential cargo into and from the Kingdom. In such a short period of time, SAL was able to launch new state-of-the-art facilities at KKIA, a new expanded facility at Dammam Airport, and fully equipped modern pharma facilities at KFIA Cargo Village with additional 14,000 tons annual capacity.


SAL sustained full power operation at all main stations and expertly handled vaccines and medical shipments from aircraft to warehouse, ensuring their safety and validity in accordance with strict global pharmaceutical transportation standards


SAL contributed to the Saudi Humanitarian Aid sky bridge and uplifted 178 tons of medical and life-saving cargo headed to Lebanon and 95 tons headed to Sudan

SAL intensified its operations and handled 7,953 tons of medical equipment and medicines, in addition to 56 million masks, all shipped to the Kingdom from March till end of May

SAL handled a total of 75,000 tons of vital shipments to the Kingdom including medical and PPE equipment from March till June


SAL was officially certified by “Envirotainer” – a global company specialized in pharmaceuticals cold chain practices – attesting to SAL’s best effective use of cool chain facilities and medical handling equipment in full compliance with the international standards.


SAL signed agreement with Saudi Custom to take over operational duties at customs air cargo locations in KSA airports to reduce importing operational time and enhance clearance, warehousing and examination processes. This signing was a great leap forward by SAL to fulfill the vision of transforming KSA into a leading global logistic hub.


The launch of “Massar” program – one of SAL’s unique manpower development strategies aiming to create a professional Saudi cadre to lead and oversee different sectors within the company. With rich theoretical study and field training in various logistic majors, each applicant gains new skills and the right operational knowledge to react responsibly in serious business situations and challenges.


SAL enabled the 3rd party logistic solution to create higher operational efficiency and capacities for more cargo operations while providing a more affordable experience for customers.

SAL launched Cold Storage Area at Riyadh main station to upgrade medical cargo handling operations and add an extra quality layer to its ground handling services.

SAL was given the ‘EU GDP’ certificate by SGS Organization – the European Union Good Distribution Practice – a solid proof of the high-quality services SAL provides in terms of handling and storing vaccines and medical products


SAL was awarded the GCC “Emerging Logistics Company of the Year 2020” for its overall outstanding performance, including its anti-pandemic strategy which provided a holistic logistic support to KSA’s cargo operations, and the Modal Cargo Village inauguration at KKIA with high operational capacity of 450,000 tons annually.

SAL received the ISO certificate for Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) – a business development tool that gives SAL the ability to respond to various types of threats and ensure business can maintain critical functions running in the event of damage or emergencies.

SAL received ISO certificate for Quality Management System (QMS) – a framework for improving services and products quality to consistently meet customers expectations. It is the sum of all the resources, assets, processes and cultural values that achieve customer satisfaction and organizational efficiency.