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Fast, effective, and safe logistics solutions

Navigating the complexities of the logistics sector should not be a challenge for our customers. At SAL, we are dedicated to crafting a streamlined and seamless service designed to simplify your processes. Our commitment is to provide swift, efficient, and all-encompassing logistics solutions.


As the market leader in cargo handling and logistics within Saudi Arabia, SAL takes pride in offering integrated solutions that provide an end-to-end service for our customers. Our commitment to adding value to the supply chain serves as a catalyst for the Kingdom's economic transformation.

Cargo Handling

Expertise across a full spectrum of cargo handling services At SAL, we comprehend that the demands of transporting, clearing, storing, and delivering cargo extend beyond a mere service and they require a comprehensive solution tailored to unique needs. With a steadfast commitment to trust, we focus on delivering swift, efficient, and reliable cargo handling services.

Logistics Solutions

The end-to-end fully integrated service, covers the first and last mile, means that our partners and customers can be confident that their promises are fulfilled over Sea, Air, and Land. And at the core of our approach is a sector-leading commitment to safety for staff, contractors, and customers.


The SAL value proposition aims to establish a one-stop-shop fulfillment solution, underpinned by strategic partner engagement. Embracing the accelerated growth in e-commerce, SAL is keenly aware of the need for an integrated fulfillment approach.

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Extensive Operation Across KSA's 18 Airports

SAL operates seamlessly across Saudi Arabia's 18 airports, with main hubs strategically located in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and Medina.

Wide Range of Logistics Services

Our comprehensive suite of logistics services caters to diverse needs, ensuring that we are well-equipped to handle various aspects of the supply chain.

Over 160 Customers

Serving a broad spectrum of industries, SAL has developed strong relationships with over 160 customers, attesting to our reliability and trustworthiness.

Global End-to-End Logistics Solutions

SAL provides global end-to-end logistics solutions, offering a seamless experience for our partners across the supply chain.

Global Network Coverage

Our global network extends across the EMEA region, Asia, the United States, South America, and South Africa, reflecting our commitment to being a key player on the international stage.

Latest News

SAL Logistic Services Signs MOU with Tarshid Energy Solutions Company (Tarshid)
  • Jul,14,2024

To enhance energy efficiency in the operations of its facilities

SAL Activates the Fulfillment Sector Warehouses to Transform Logistics Landscape in Saudi Arabia
  • May,01,2024

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – SAL, Saudi Arabia's leading logistics and supply chain solutions provider, is proud to announce the launch of its Fulfillment Business Unit, a one-stop-shop solution aimed at revolutionizing the logistics and supply chain industry in the Kingdom.

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Our integrated solutions deliver an end-to-end service for our customers, adding value to the supply chain and acting as a catalyst for the Kingdom’s economic transformation.